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Who Works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'R' - The One that Wanted it all!

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client R'.

Life Coaching Case Study -  Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coaching

Client 'R' came to me for support with balancing their professional career and their dreams and aspirations for their personal life.

Their opening line in the clarity call was "I need to work out how I can do it all"

Sound familiar?

I hear this quite a lot. People often know what they want from life, making it happen is the challenge.

Client 'R' signed up for 6 sessions. During the sessions we:

  • Focused on getting real clarity around all of the goals and aspirations, priorities and timelines.

  • Creating a routine and structure to make space for the things that were important, including making time by removing some activities and commitments that were no longer of purpose.

  • Looked at how to break down the goals and aspirations into daily, weekly, and monthly activities to help a steady and consistent process.

  • Worked on mindset to help remove blockers and beliefs holding the client back.

  • Identifying internal and external resources that would help achieve success.

Over the course of the 6 sessions, the client was able to create a plan and identify the habits and mindset to support making the plan happen.

After the 6 sessions, the client felt confident that they had what was needed and a range of tools and resources to draw upon to help them make progress.

I check in with Client 'R' periodically. Sometimes I hear from them with updates and some wins!

They are consistent in their habits and behaviours and effective in their approach. The plan, routine and mindset are contributing to them achieving success within 12 months of our first coaching session.

If this situation sounds familiar and you would like to consider coaching support, I would love to have a chat and see how coaching support might help whether this is through your company/organisation or with you direct.

You can book a clarity call here and we can start the conversation.

*NB This image is not the client, nor does it describe the client.

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