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Group Self-Development  Programmes

  • Are you ready to make the changes, to live the life you choose? 

  • Do you enjoy learning in an informal and friendly group environment?

  • Are you ready, willing and able to spend some time focusing on yourself to benefit yourself and those around you?

There are three programmes to choose from.  All run once a year.

'Rise' focuses on the fundamental life tools and skills that are the golden thread to a fulfilled life. 

'Thrive' focuses on developing your well-being to thrive in life. 

'Flourish' focuses on tools and skills to live an authentic life that brings inner joy and happiness. 

Create the Tomorrow You Want While Learning to Love Your Today 


  1. Our Values and Needs

  2. Personal Growth and Comfort Zone

  3. Mindset 

  4. Self Beliefs

  5. Confidence and Imposter Syndrome

  6. Motivation and Discipline

  7. Creating Balance

  8. Creating and Maintaining Boundaries

  9. Effective Communication and Assertiveness

  10. Managing Change

  11. Decision Making 

  12. Time Management and Prioritisation

Coming Soon


  1. 5 Pillars of Wellbeing and Dimensions of Wellness

  2. Goal Setting for Wellbeing 

  3. Self-care and Self-kindness 

  4. Relationship with Our Self and Others

  5. Physical Activity

  6. Sleep and Rest

  7. Improving Nutrition 

  8. Relationship with Food & Drink

  9. The Importance of Routine

  10. Mindfulness

  11. Developing Resilience

  12. Managing Our Emotions and Our Response


  1. The Dimensions of Flourishing

  2. Living with Purpose 

  3. The Pursuit of Happiness

  4. Living with a Gratitude and Appreciation Mindset

  5. Visualisation and Manifestation

  6. Communication Styles

  7. Body Language and Cues

  8. Managing Energy and Energy Types

  9. Attachment Styles

  10. Understand our Ego and Soul

  11. Understanding and Preventing Self-sabotage

  12. Changing Your Beliefs and Mindset with the ABCs of CBT 

Coming Soon

These group programmes are proven to help you focus on yourself and teach you the tools to make life better, in a supportive space to focus on who you are, and what you want from life. 

Each programme is £199 and includes:

  • 12 Topics

  • Activity Workbook for each topic

  • Workshop for each topic - approx 60 minutes 

  • Additional Resources on each topic

  • Diary to capture your 'next step' actions

  • Q&A via email with Zoe as you work through the content

  • No end date on your access

  • Certificate of completion

All topics will benefit both personal and professional areas of your life.

Sign up and gain the confidence and the tools and skills you need, to live the life you have always wanted.

The option of paying in 3 installments with Klarna can be selected from the cart. 

It is Your Time to    Rise,  Thrive and Flourish

Not what you were looking for? 

Why not take a look at our shorter online courses, or if you prefer a more focused level of support, take a look at our Individual Coaching Support packages

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