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September 11, 2019

Where did Summer go?

I cannot believe that the last time I sat down to write was back in June!  JUNE!

A whole season ago! 

Not sure I even know where to start! 

If you have been following my social media you will know that I spent the month of August on the beautiful island of Cyprus.  A last minute opportunity to house sit and look after two beautiful german shepherds, some chickens and a cockerel!

Logistics arranged, and packing my entire business into a carry on suitcase which I clung to like an over-protective mother with a newborn, I set off with the inte...

May 26, 2019

I have two questions for you:

Question 1 - Who do you admire from the sports world for their mindset? (not achievement)

Question 2 - What is it you admire and how could you use this in your daily life?

When I asked the Phoenix Facebook Community this is a selection of some of the answers to the first question - who and why?

  • Sophie Hemming – (England Rugby) - Dedication

  • Serena Williams – (Tennis) - Motivation and Resilience

  • Muhammad Ali – (Boxing) - Sacrifice - Resilience

  • Ross Edgley – (Extreme sports) - Determination - Drive

  • Michael Jo...

February 9, 2019

In my own experience when you experience adversity you grow, you evolve, you find new strengths, new skills, traits and strategies which means that returning to who you were before is not possible.   Do you think you can you go back to the ‘old-me’ or do you focus your energy on moving forward? Rising like a phoenix stronger and more powerful.

January 26, 2019

When we are clear on what our values are we can leave behind the thoughts and behaviours no longer of use to us, we can start to live a life with purpose with clear direction. When we are not clear, this can have an impact on us mentally, physically and emotionally.

January 21, 2019

Many companies across the country will use ‘Blue Monday’ for their advertising and marketing.  No doubt a local news channel will interview some people out in the street and ask them how down or 'blue' they are feeling. In reality, for most of us, it will just be a standard Monday morning. We may wake feeling a little down but it is unlikely to be anything to do with the date.

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