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life coach Bristol, Zoe Thompson

Coaching with Zoe

Move on from surviving

It is time to thrive!

Life Coaching to help you create the tomorrow you want while learning to love your today

Why Life Coaching?

My name is Zoe, and I am ready to help, support, and guide you.


You know you are capable of so much more and yet you feel stuck, overwhelmed and don’t know how to move forward.


You feel lost, without purpose and lack confidence.

Your energy goes to everyone else, your own

self-care and self-focus are minimal.

Feeling low has become normal

You feel like you are in this alone

You know you need to challenge yourself, and be challenged, to make the changes

And that’s why you are here.


You are ready to rise, and I am ready to support you.

Benefits of Having a Life Coach

Get clarity

Find balance

Find direction and focus

Increase confidence and self-esteem

Live with purpose

Improve yourself mentally, physically and emotionally

Life Coach Bristol

Why Zoe?

What qualifies me to help you?

  • NLP Master Practitioner with over 10 years of coaching and mentoring experience

  • ACE Certified Coach with WBECs (World Business and Executive Coaching)

  • Additional qualifications in, CBT, Positive Psychology, weight management and diet and nutrition.

  • 20 years in the Police Service 

  • Level 6 Certificate in Management and Leadership.

  • Self-development trainer, since 2014

  • Zoe combines personal experience with a wealth of training, qualifications and professional experience.

life coach Bristol

Life Coach Bristol - Testimonials


Zoe's questioning gives you the space to reflect and make changes.

Her sessions are non-judgemental and she is just a really lovely person with a huge amount of knowledge. Choose Phoenix, you won't be disappointed!


I was a little apprehensive about whether to join the Thrive programme or not. I wasn't sure if I would lean anything new or if it would help me with what I was going through at the time. All I knew was that I needed to do something and needed a little clarity and guidance.
The programme gave me just that. Every session planted a little seed in my mind which blossomed with time, each week the topics discussed led to some great conversations with friends and family, and every 'aha' moment was helping me understand myself and those around me better.

I learned how to manage and express my emotions, how to be less distracted and more focused, how to set boundaries and live more in line with my values.

After each 1:1 session with Zoe I was coming out energised and inspired with an action plan that would put me out of my comfort zone to show me what I was capable of.

I'm glad I decided to join the programme and invest in myself and my wellbeing.

Samantha Harding

Zoe is a fantastic coach, leader and speaker.

Her programmes and courses exemplify the freedom we all have to choose a life that is best for us.

She is very professional and works with great detail of care and empathy while supporting you to make the right changes within your life.

Highly recommend her services and coaching. It is a lifesaver and great value for money.

My advice to anyone who is unsure about their next step, book a clarity call with her and get your journey started.

It’s very much worth it.


Zoe’s Thrive programme is absolutely amazing.

I have got so much out of the programme and it has really challenged me.

Zoe is extremely skilled at what she does and I have learnt so much.

I would absolutely recommend this programme to anyone who needs some direction and challenge.

Steve Whyte
Untitled design.png

Zoe held a mindset seminar at the salon I work in. 

The information and tools she has given us all to help with work and home life are invaluable.

We all got a lot from it and already I can see a difference in the confidence with myself and my Colleagues within the workplace.
I would definitely recommend Zoe to other businesses and individuals.


I had a recent coaching session with Zoe who was amazing.

Zoe expertly identified the barriers I had been putting in the way of successful interview preparation.

Through honest discussion, Zoe was able to help me approach my interview preparation from a different angle.
On the day of the interview, I went along armed with my new found confidence and actually enjoyed the whole process, which was a first for me!
Needless to say, I got the job I applied for and had great feedback regarding my interview.
I can’t recommend Zoe highly enough.

She is amazing at what she does and will certainly make you feel amazing too.
Thank you, Zoe

Adam Stewart
Kelly Dillon
Kelly Dillon

No more survival mode

It's  time to thrive!

zoe phoenixlifecoach.png

Zoe Thompson

Phoenix Life & Wellbeing Coaching 

Life Coach, Bristol
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