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About   Phoenix 

​Phoenix was first created back in 2015. The concept of Phoenix originated from the sentiment that adversity and challenges help us to rise stronger and greater when we use these experiences to evolve and grow. 


The original idea was to tie in self-development with health and nutrition coaching. However, this quickly evolved to something broader and holistic as my enthusiasm for learning and coaching carried me forward. 


​Soon I was balancing my day job as the Business Change Manager in a senior position with the Police, with training courses covering a variety of coaching tools and techniques, and different subject matters such as nutrition. 


​My experience and love for working with people to adapt and thrive with change amplified while I began working with individuals going through organisational change during the day, and supporting individuals going through personal change in the evenings. 


​In 2017, I experienced my own combination of professional and personal change, when I was informed that my role with the Police would be made redundant.  I knew this was the sign that it was the time for me to make the leap and step into this passion full-time. 


Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coaching officially came into existence on August 1st, 2017. Since then, I've dedicated myself to training and continuous personal development, acquiring proficiency in diverse disciplines and methodologies. This commitment enables me to offer clients a truly holistic coaching experience, supporting them in their unique paths of self-development.


I’m beyond grateful and fortunate to say that I do what I love, and love what I do!

“Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your life”.

Passion   & Purpose   Projects

I am very fortunate and grateful that I get to do the work that I love every day.

Running a business is more than paying the bills to me, it is also about impacting and leaving a legacy.

My work as a coach is centred around the ethos of my personal values of continuous improvement, positivity and making a difference, which is reflected in my passion and purpose projects. 

Sport empowers players to achieve this on and off the court, at all ages and all levels and it is fantastic to be able to support them as a sponsor and as a Coach.

Supporting young people and women in sports is something that I am incredibly passionate about, and I am very pleased to be able to support the following individuals, and teams at the grassroots and international levels.

Currently the   Proud Sponsor of:​

Bristol Flyers Women (Basketball)

Ashley Down Old Boys Women (Rugby) 

Individual Development Players for Men and Women's Basketball

Andrea Thompson - Worlds Strongest Woman 

Photo Credit - JMP Sport & B. East

Team Photo of ADOB Ladies RFC
Team Huddle of Bristol Flyers Basketball Team

I am very proud to support Community of Purpose with their 'Positive Pathways' Programme for the Bristol Young Heroes.


The Positive Pathways Programme is simple, not only do we want to recognise and celebrate the successes of the Bristol Young Heroes, we also want to equip them for taking the next steps and building on their early success.

This is one of the most rewarding projects I have ever been involved in and it is great to be involved!

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