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Phoenix Planner  & Journal

Do you feel like everything is out of control and whilst you are ready to make some changes you have no idea where to start?


Do you want to make improvements to your life but struggle to stay on track?


Do you feel drained and know that you need to take more care and focus on yourself?


Do you have goals that you want to achieve but don't know how to achieve them?


Did you answer YES to any of these questions?


The Phoenix Planner & Journal encompasses the tools and strategies I use with clients  

All in one place!


I work with clients through a variety of challenges and goals yet many of them require similar tools and strategies to help them make small steps of change and stay consistent.

The Phoenix Planner was created to give clients a place to record the actions that they are taking that take them closer to their goals.

You don't have to be a coaching client to use the journal, you can benefit from having the tools, structure and accountability.   

All you have to do is commit some time to work through the journal to help you take those first steps of change.  I have laid it all out for you, it's all in the order you need it to be in. Just open it up and work through it and you will start making those changes that will make the difference you are looking for.

If you need more support then why not check out the group online coaching programmes?

The Planner includes pages to:

  • Set your goals for the 12 months ahead

  • Break down into tasks for each quarter

  • Break down tasks for each month

  • Set priorities for each week

  • Set priorities and plan each day, record daily gratitudes, successes and track your goals

  • Journal your thoughts and ideas daily

If you are tired of getting to the end of each year and not having achieved what you wanted to, then this is the product for you.

Phoenix Planner Journal
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Quick and easy to use.  Less than 10 minutes a day, it helps me focus on what I am trying to achieve and makes me think how I spend my time.    


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The Planner keeps me focused and on track, helps me identify my BIG goals and break them down into easy bite size daily/weekly actions to achieve them. 

It's amazing to looking back to remind yourself how far you have  come.


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The Planner has really helped me to focus on the daily habits that make the bigger goals happen!


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Phoenix Journal Planner
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I love that you can break your goals down into quarters and then months so they are less overwhelming and that there are regular reviews.    I also really like waking up and thinking of my 3 gratitudes, and going to sleep after just having written my daily wins. 

The Phoenix Journal helps me by making me review daily how my days are going and how I'm moving forward with my goals.


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if you would prefer Individual coaching so that we can really focus on your needs then take a look at the Individual Coaching Support packages.

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