Frequently Asked Questions

Can I speak to you before I sign up?

Yes, you can. 

Coaching is very personal and it is important that both of us identify that there is a rapport and feel that we can work together. 

I offer a clarity call so that we can discuss your goals and how I feel I can support you. There is no obligation for you to sign to any services, or for me to offer services after this call.   

You can book a clarity call using the online booking system.   Book a complimentary clarity call here

How do I book sessions?

Sessions can be booked using the online booking system.  You can book directly through the website.  

It is strongly recommended that you book in all your sessions 2 weeks in advance.

If you are on a support plan then please book in all your sessions when you sign up.

Session dates and times can be amended using the online booking system.

Where are the sessions held?

Many sessions are held over Zoom.  If you are in Bristol then they may be held in person at a location of your choice.  I have a room available in North Bristol. Please let me know if you would like to meet in my coaching room.

It is important that sessions are held in a place you feel at ease and can speak freely.  

How do I make contact between sessions?

Contact can be made via message or email.  I will respond as soon as I'm able, normally within 24 hours.

If I am away and not contactable I will let you know.


What happens if I need to cancel?

Cancellation or rearrangement of sessions at more than 24hrs notice will be rearranged to a mutually convenient time and date.  You can use the online system to do this. 

Cancellation at less than 24hrs notice may potentially result in loss of that session depending on the circumstance.

Full cancellation terms and conditions are detailed on the calendar booking.

Can I rearrange a space on a   workshop or webinar/online workshop?

If you are no longer able to attend then your place can be transferred to another event of your choice, where spaces are available.

We regret that no refund will be given for workshops or webinars/online workshops. 

How and when do I make Payment?

1:1 coaching sessions can be paid for directly through the website or invoiced.  Details of when the payment is due and options for payment will be detailed on the relevant page or invoice.

Places on Workshops can be paid for directly through the website.

Where can I find you on Social Media?

You can find me on the usual Social Media channels, links can be found at the bottom of this page.

Whilst you are working with me you will also be invited to join the Phoenix Community.


So that I can continue to improve my services, clients may receive a questionnaire requesting feedback. 

Many clients join Phoenix following recommendations from a friend or family member or through connections on Social Media.  

The time you take to complete online reviews or provide feedback is appreciated. Thank you

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Zoe Thompson, Phoenix life coach