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Who works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'C' Unhappiness at work taking over life

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to ''Client C'.

Client 'C' was fed her with her job. Not only was it no longer challenging and rewarding, her relationship with her manager was becoming increasingly strained and impacting her confidence.

Outside of work, 'C' was finding that the work stress was starting to impact on her personal life. She was coming home stress, agitated and was taking her frustrations out on her partner.

Whilst 'C' had always used exercise to help relieve the stress she was finding that her energy levels had dipped so low that she had stopped going to evening classes and was spending her evenings on the sofa, mindlessly eating and drinking and watching (but not really paying attention to) the T.V.

'C' could feel herself slipping into habits that she knew were not helpful to her. She could see that they were actually making things worse.

Her mood swings were becoming more erratic, her relationship becoming more strained and her engagement in her work and productivity reducing by the day.

She can see what was happening but she couldn't stop it.

She knows what she needs to do, however, she cannot see how to make it happen.

She feels stuck and frustrated for the situation she is in, and even more frustrated with herself for allowing it to spiral out of control and not do anything about it.

The more it goes on, the more she tries to bury her head in the sand.

The more she tries to deny how big the problem has become the worse the impact is on her health and her relationship.

Finally in a rather 'ranty' (her words not mine) call to a friend of hers she is told by her friend to get in touch with me.

That evening she checks the website and sends me an email.

"Hi Zoe, I am not sure what you do or what a life coach is, but my friend seems to think you can help me".

We arrange a call, and we talk things through.

For the first time 'C' talks through what is happening, she talks through what is going on and how she feels. She talks through why she is frustrated and how upset she is that it has had on her partner who has been nothing but supportive.

'C' signs up for 1:1 Coaching so that we can work through what she does want to happen and start taking the steps to make it her new reality.

Over the 12 weeks working together 'C' starts to unpick what the issues are. We work through the situation, separating facts and feelings and looking at the steps needed to make the change to take her to the future she had planned out.

We also spent time working on her mindset. Her emotional responses and how she could take control straight away, not just with elements of the situation but also how she responded to the situation.

'C' now has a new job, she has very recently been promoted. She is thriving in her new role, excited about challenges and pushing her own comfort zone boundaries.

She has learnt to communicate with her new manager, and now that she has leadership responsibilities she is using her communication skills to ensure that she is a great leader to her team.

Her relationship is strong and she has a great evening routine that gives her a work/life balance that she wants.

Does Client 'C' sound like you?

If you would like to have a chat and see how coaching support might help you then I would love to speak with you.

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