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Life Skills   Course   &   Workshops

Join us for a life skills course that will teach you the fundamental life tools and skills that are the golden thread to a fulfilled life. 

Reflect, learn, and challenge yourself to make sustainable and manageable changes that will help you make improvements in life, immediately. 

The course is all online and in a friendly and supportive environment.  Join other like-minded people as we take action to improve all aspects of life.

Are you ready to RISE?  Sign up today and join us on the next course. 

Is it Your Time to

My name is Zoe, and I am ready to help, support, and guide you.

RISE is for you if:

You want to learn life skills, tools and ways to make life easier.

You want to understand yourself and others around you.

You want to understand what is important to you and how this impacts how you live. 

You want to be better at managing time, decisions and boundaries. 

You are ready to challenge yourself, and be challenged, to make the changes

You are ready to rise, and I am ready to support you and show you how. 

Join me over 12 weeks as we spend time focusing on learning life skills that will help you to:

  • Understand your values and your needs

  • Find ways to break out of your comfort zone 

  • Increase your confidence

  • Create and maintain boundaries

  • Find balance 

  • Improve your communication skills

  • Improved mindset and self-belief

If you are ready to RISE then I am ready to show you how. 

Benefits of Group   Coaching

Safe space to learn

A friendly and supportive group

Share the journey with like-minded people

Learn tools, and strategies you can use straight away

Join live and interactive workshops 

Improve your wellbeing mentally, physically and emotionally

Life Skills  Courses

Why Zoe?

What qualifies me to help you?

  • Zoe combines personal experience with a wealth of training, qualifications and professional experience.

  • Self-development trainer, since 2014, delivering programmes to hundreds of people both online and in person.

  • Licensed Level 3 AEaT trainer with DBS certificate.

  • NLP Master Practitioner (INLPTA) with over 10 years of coaching and mentoring experience.

  • ACE (Accelerating Coaching Excellence) Certified Coach with

  • Additional qualifications in, CBT, Positive Psychology, weight management, diet and nutrition.

  • 20 years in the Police Service working my way up to a Senior Management level

  • Member of CMI with a Level 6 Certificate in Management and Leadership.

  • Passionate about working with charities, small businesses and young people.

life coach Bristol, live your way with confidence

RISE   Life Skills   Course     - Testimonials

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How It Works

RISE: Life Skills Course

Screenshot 2023-04-11 175311.png

These courses are proven to help you focus on yourself, around your other priorities, and give you the tools to make life better, in a supportive space to focus on who you are, and what you want from life. 

These programmes are for you if:

  • You are ready to challenge yourself to make some changes, to live the life you choose 

  • You enjoy learning in an informal and friendly environment

  • You are ready to spend some time focusing on yourself to benefit yourself and those around you

There are three courses to choose from.  All are online.  

'Rise' focuses on the fundamental life tools and skills that are the golden thread to a fulfilled life. 

'Thrive' focuses on developing your wellbeing to thrive in life. 

'Flourish' focuses on tools and skills to live an authentic life that brings inner joy and happiness. ​

Create the Tomorrow You Want While Learning to Love Your Today 

Zoe Thompson

Phoenix Life & Wellbeing Coaching 

Life Coach, Bristol
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