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Are you seeking a self-development and well-being speaker or panel member for your conference?

I have spoken at a number of events, from conferences at the ExCeL to organisational leadership and staff conferences covering topics on self-development and behaviour, leadership and culture and lifestyle and wellbeing. 

2023's most popular talk and workshop - Managing and Preventing Stress, Overwhelm and Burnout.

2024 - Building a Resilient Team.

All workshops and content can be adapted into talks, tailored to your audience, and delivered online or in person, anywhere in the world. 

Please do get in touch to find out more.

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I would like to thank you for your wonderful seminar at Accountex,  it was very inspiring and I have learned a lot from it. 
I  really liked the way you started your session, asking everyone what they expected and hoped to learn.   You made your audience feel comfortable,  engaged and provided a personal touch before the session.   

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The Personal Story

Sometimes life strips away the person who you knew yourself to be. 

When you rise from the ashes you are given the opportunity to build something stronger and more powerful.

Times of adversity build an inner strength that you can use in a positive way to rise to thrive.

That’s what I did.

This is my story. 

My journey so far focuses on both the personal and professional elements of my life. I will share the story of my life as it was, the catalyst for change in 2005, and the years that followed as I built a stronger version of myself both mentally and physically.

I have learned so much, and by sharing my journey my aim is to help you see that you too can overcome your challenges and become the person you want to be.

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Zoe has been a favourite guest speaker on several of my training programmes for women, and every time it’s a fresh honour to hear her story.   
She is authentic, warm, compassionate, and a great story-weaver. I learn something new from her at every talk. She demonstrates a powerful blend of strength and vulnerability, and leaves my participants (and me) feeling empowered and inspired afterwards. 
Dr Sarah Robins-Hobden, CPsychol, FHEA
Robins-Hobden Consulting
                                                                   “Book her now whilst you can still afford her.” 

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Zoe Thompson keynote speaker
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Thanks for the presentation  this morning. There were some brave topics to cover & experiences to share, plus inspiring achievements during the last few years.

 Congratulations, & thanks again.


Audience Member

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So strong, physically and mentally.  Zoe is powerful, brave and real.  I was inspired to be braver and live outside my comfort zone.  It’s given me a kick up the backside – only I can get it done

Audience Member

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Zoe Thompson, keynote speaker

Speaker Bio

Zoe Thompson is a Self-development coach, trainer, and speaker empowering individuals and organisations to maximise their potential. With over 20 years in public-facing operational and leadership roles in the Police, Zoe transitioned to coaching in 2017. As an Accredited Master Coach, she combines NLP and Executive Coaching to guide clients to success worldwide.

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