Are you living to your values?

Updated: Jan 14, 2020

What comes first? The behaviour or the value?

Which drives which?

Do your behaviours drive your values or is it the other way around?

Your values should drive your behaviour, they should be at the centre of the decisions that you make, the actions you take, the goals you set. Your values are at the core of who you are.

What are your values? Can you list the top 3?

Mine are:

  • Positivity

  • Achievement

  • Making a difference

What are yours?

Take some time to reflect and write down what your values are. Keep them where you can see them. When you are struggling to make a decision run the options through your core values to see which ones are in alignment.

Often when I get frustrated at a situation it is because it is not in alignment with what is important to me. Something is out of alignment with one of my values or needs.

This doesn’t make me right or wrong. My values are what are important to me. They have been shaped by my personal experiences, the family and school that influenced my early years, the relationships I have had, the friendships I have made, the jobs I have worked in.

Your values and what is important to you will have been shaped by your own experiences and therefore are likely to be different. Not right or wrong, just different.

We can all look at one situation in very different ways. Depending on our values we will approach the situation differently; and that’s ok! Understanding our own values and the values of who we spend time with can help us to understand why we hold certain opinions and behaviours.

Our behaviours will be driven by our values however sometimes the behaviours will be out of alignment and that is why we can sometimes feel uncomfortable with what we are doing or being asked to do.

Our behaviours may not be consciously driven by what is important to us however if we can reflect on what our core values are, what needs are most important to us and bring our behaviours and actions into alignment then bringing this into a more conscious behaviour can have a significant positive impact.

Our core values can change as we develop and grow and our personal circumstances change.

When was the last time you reflected on what yours are now?

Are you living to your present values or past values?


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