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"Exploring the Connection Between Gut Feelings, Core Values and Ethical Decision Making"

Updated: May 27

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What is Your Gut Telling You?

On Tuesday morning, (post originally written in 2018) I spoke to a group of local business owners at a networking event, about what I have learned in my first year in business.

One of the things I talked about was how it has been important to me to stay true to my ethics and core values in my business as much as I do in my personal life.

I shared how this hasn’t always been easy, both in my professional, and my personal life, and that this was something really important to me so I have my values written out and displayed on the wall in the office so that they are there as a visual, daily reminder.

Within my business I provide a service, there are products available to support people, but predominantly I am service-based.

This means that I am the product that people must ‘buy into’ so the ‘know, like and trust’ elements are incredibly important.

Having a wide range of coaches is advantageous because of the significant need for coaching services, as numerous people are looking to enhance themselves. There is no need for competition for the same clients since individuals will naturally gravitate towards the coach they resonate with, the one they feel a connection to, the one they like, know, and trust.

This is why I need to stay true to my values, my ethics and my morals.

Firstly, so that I am authentic.

Secondly, so that people connect with the real me.

Thirdly, so that I can live and work in alignment with what is important to me.

Sometimes this means walking away from something or someone.

Values are not inherently right or wrong. Having different values does not make one person better or more correct than another. Our values are shaped by our unique experiences, upbringing, and social circles.

Just like our ethics, the moral principles that guide our actions may vary slightly from person to person because they are subjective in nature.

Although ethics are rooted in established principles of right and wrong that dictate what people should do, typically in terms of rights, duties, and societal advantages, individuals often interpret them differently due to the influence of their values.

Values and Ethics are something that we are and absolutely should be passionate about. It is part of what makes us who we are, it sets out how we behave, how we are with others, and how we live our lives.

Are you clear on what your values are?

What happens when something is not in alignment? How do you know?

That horrible ‘sinky’ feeling in your stomach, that bit of information or something somebody says that makes you wince. That feeling of being uncomfortable with what is happening, that things are just not sitting right.

Those are the signs.

Those are the signs you need to pay attention to.

Your intuition, your gut feeling, is what tells you that the current situation is not in line with your values.

Knowing what to do about it, well that is the more challenging part.

Do you distance yourself from what is happening, or do you remove yourself from it completely?

If you aren’t sure that there is a clear course of action for you, then distance yourself first. Take some time out to consider your option

What feels different when you are distanced from the situation or person?

Creating some space allows you to take a break and reflect, distance can also bring clarity since it can be challenging to have a clear perspective when you are deeply involved.

Giving yourself some distance and perspective can provide you with the necessary space to carefully consider what is important, and what action you wish to take.

Engaging in a challenging discussion to address the situation or individual is unlikely to be easy.

Neither distancing nor removing yourself will be comfortable.

This is however, a short-term discomfort, to prevent that feeling of waking up feeling that something is ‘off’, feeling disconnected from who you want to be, feeling frustrated or stuck.

Life is for living but living with purpose.

Life is for living but living with passion.

Life is for living but living fulfilled.

Life is for living in alignment with your ethics, morals and values.


If any of the above is a challenge for you or something you would like some support to work through then get in touch and we can have a chat to see how I can help

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