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Old Habits. Time for Them to Die Hard?

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

In the last 7 days, a very similar question keeps arising.

“Is the behaviour still useful to you”?

I was asked this question last weekend. My honest answer was ‘no’.

On reflection, there was a time when that behaviour was needed, it was useful, it did serve a positive purpose. However, that circumstance has changed and that behaviour is no longer needed. If I hold on to that behaviour there will definitely be a negative impact and I can now recognise that the behaviour is definitely no longer needed.

Do you have a behaviour that is no longer of use to you?

At some point in your life the behaviour served a purpose, it was needed, it was of value to you.

However, as time moves on and circumstances change we often keep the behaviour even though it is no longer needed.

When faced with a situation our mind goes into fight, flight or freeze. It looks for the appropriate way to respond. To know how to respond it checks the memory banks to see how you have responded before and then tells you how to respond.

If the memory bank is full of old ways of handling a situation that is no longer useful then we must put new memories in to the bank and find new behaviours that will have a positive impact.

Whether a behaviour is positive or negative will depend on;

  • Your own ethics, morals, values and belief system

  • Previous experience

  • Impact the behaviour has on you

What was positive can become negative, and vice versa.

A behaviour that once supported you and pushed forward may now be holding you back

Old habits may die hard, but if they are no longer of use to you then they need to be left behind.

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- Zoe

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