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The Power of a Breakthrough

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Last night I dialled into a Coaching Workshop on how we as Coaches can help 'catalyse change' when working with our clients.

The session was talking about how coaching is a 'behavioural change technology' and how as coaches holding space for our client and asking powerful questions at the right time, allows them to 'open doors to see themselves and the world in a different way'.

Insight based learning aka 'AHA' moments, or 'lightbulb moments' or, as described by a recent client, as a 'holy sh1t' moment 🤣 are what we refer to as 'breakthrough' moments.

A break in knowing.

A disruption in a patterned way of thinking.

An opportunity for change.

An opportunity for the client to see things from a different perspective and allow them to explore options and alternatives that may not have been apparent to them before.

This is often why talking therapy works for people. The space to talk things through can help clarify and see things in a different way.

We don't often give ourselves the time and space to think differently, to consider the alternatives or different perspectives. When we allow ourselves time and space to do this we give ourselves the opportunity to challenge our way of thinking and to challenge ourselves to think or behave in a different way that may give a different outcome, one that is more positive to us.

One of the key elements of THRIVE is that it creates the space for busy people to reflect and review, to learn, to identify their 'lightbulb' moments each week and to challenge themselves to change a habit, behaviour or way of thinking to create a more positive outcome.

"It's a really good way to take stock of your life and realise why things work well in some areas and why they don't work so well in others - Thinking and reflection are really important things to spend time on and sometimes in life we don't give enough priority to them".
~ THRIVE Participant Term 5 2020

If you need to talk, I am able to listen.

Why not book in a call and let's see how coaching might help you have the breakthrough that could unlock the door to the life you want to live.

Find out more about THRIVE and Personal Coaching HERE.

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