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Rise to be the best version of you … but where to start?

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

We could all make improvements to our lives.

...but how?

How can we become a better version of ourselves?

How can we become more content, more fulfilled, more happy?

Here are my Top Tips for looking after you

Check who you surround yourself with.

Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be better and who will support you to achieve your goals.

Check your internal conversation

What conversation are you having with yourself? Be kind to others but be kindest to yourself. Check for self-limiting beliefs - are you holding yourself back from achieving your goals?

Do something for others

Whether it is a random act of kindness or a voluntary role, kindness is the gift that gives back and will leave you feeling positive.

Check you aren’t saying ‘No’ to you

When you say ‘Yes’ to others, are you saying ‘No’ to yourself? Saying ‘No’ on occasions is ok, if you are doing it for the right reasons.

Be Present

Don’t be afraid to get caught in the moment. Don’t just be present physically; be there mentally. Enjoy life with your eyes rather than through the lens of a camera. Put distractions to one side.

Enjoy the journey

Be prepared to detour Expect for plans to change and to take a detour. Be prepared that the end destination may change too.

Small & consistent for the win

Identify your goal, identify the steps you need to achieve them and then keep breaking them down until they are small, manageable and achievable.

Find the positive in everything

Finding a positive in every situation helps maintain a positive mindset.

Be You Be you, inexcusably and unapologetically you.



There may be some of the above that you need to work on more than others. Have an honest conversation with yourself about which these are and then commit to making them an area that you will focus on.

Work through one at a time. Spend a week being conscious of your language and your behaviours. What behaviours do you need to change that will give you a more positive outcome that is in alignment with your values and goals.

Write it down! Keep a record of what is working and what is not.

Hold yourself accountable for making the changes that will improve your life.

The Phoenix Journal is the perfect place to write all of this down.


If you need more support in any of these areas then Phoenix Coaching provides a range of services to support you.

From online webinars to 1-1 coaching there is a something for everyone and if you aren't sure which is the best fit for you then book in a no obligation clarity call and we can have a chat!


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