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Coaching with Zoe

Move on from surviving

It is time to thrive!

Life Coaching to help you create the tomorrow you want while learning to love your today

What is Life Coaching?

My name is Zoe, and I am ready to help, support, and guide you.


You know you are capable of so much more and yet you feel stuck in a rut, overwhelmed and don’t know how to move forward.


You feel lost, overwhelmed, without purpose

You lack confidence.

You haven't been a priority for a while, your energy goes to everyone else, your own

self-care is minimal.

Feeling low has become normal

You are missing a sense of purpose

You feel like you are in this alone

To be the best version of you then you know you need to identify and remove the blockers that stand in your way.


You want to find balance

You want to be confident

You want clarity

You want direction and focus

You want to live with purpose

You want to improve yourself mentally, physically and emotionally

You want to improve your self-esteem

You know you need to challenge yourself, and be challenged, to make the changes


And that’s why you are here.


You are ready to rise, and I am ready to support you.

No more survival mode

It's  time to thrive!

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Zoe Thompson

Phoenix Life & Wellbeing Coaching 

Life Coach, Bristol