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You are Not Broken

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

You are not broken.⁣
You do not need to be fixed.⁣
Your experience did not break you. ⁣
Your spirit has stood strong.⁣
You are still standing.⁣

You are here, and everything that you have been through has taught you things about you that you may not have known before. These newfound strengths are now a part of who you are, and who you will become.⁣

Every ounce of strength that has helped you to survive, can now be reinvested in to helping you to rise a stronger version of you.⁣

You are not broken.⁣

You are evolving.⁣

The person who you were before has grown and evolved. You bring with you the person who you were before, you can reignite the parts you miss and leave in your past the parts of you that are not part of who you wish to become.⁣

You are not broken. ⁣

You are rebuilding into a brighter, more powerful version of you.⁣

Find out more about how Phoenix Coaching can help you rebuild a brighter more powerful version of you HERE.

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