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Who Works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'O' - Wanting to Remove Self-Pressure and Anxiety

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client O'.

Life Coaching Case Study -  Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coaching

Client 'O' came to me because she wanted to work on reducing the amount of pressure she was putting on herself that was creating anxiety.

This client was very aware that the pressure was solely coming from her own internal conversations and so wanted to work on this to help increase her confidence and reduce her need to compare herself to others. She hoped that working on this would also reduce her anxiety.

We talked this through in a clarity call and Client 'O' made the decision to sign up for the 12 weeks / 6 session support plan.

During the 6 sessions, we worked on what was happening, what the internal dialogue sounded like and felt like. We explored where this had come from and whether these beliefs were still true for her.

We also looked at how this was showing up in both her personal and professional life and the impact it was having on her confidence and esteem and how it was holding her back from what she knew she was capable of.

We explored the powerful impact of language and spent time talking through the choices of words that she used, in addition to becoming more conscious of the inner conversation and dialogue when it happened. We talked through what she would like to say to herself instead, and what words she wanted to replace to help reframe her thoughts.

Over the 6 sessions, we worked on thoughts, behaviours and actions. Client 'O' spent time between sessions on being more self-aware and making changes. Over the 12 weeks, we spent time reflecting on where life was starting to feel different and continue to review how she could build on the changes she was making.

Since working together Client 'O' has felt more confident and has achieved a number of goals that she had set herself. She no longer feels the need to compare her achievements to others and instead has replaced comparison with inspiration. Her anxiety has significantly reduced and when it does appear she has tools to be able to manage it.

Even a year on from the 12-week plan she continues to use the tools and techniques to keep the momentum going and has since referred me to a family member to help them with their challenges. She continues to set herself new challenges, in line with what she wants from life and her confidence and esteem continue to grow.

If this situation sounds familiar and you would like to consider coaching support, I would love to have a chat and see how coaching support might help.

You can book a clarity call here and we can start the conversation.

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