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Who Works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'M' - Leaving the Heaviness of Depression Behind.

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client M'.

Life Coaching Case Study -  Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coaching

Client 'M' was struggling to manage both depression and anxiety when he first got in touch with me.

Whilst he had been taking medication for a while, he wanted to see if there was anything else he could do to help manage the impact, and take control of how he was feeling.

The challenges that Client 'M' described, are very common with a lot of people who see life and wellbeing coaches for support. Medication has its purpose, yet there are often a number of lifestyle, habit and behaviour changes that can be made, that will help work alongside the medication to improve life for the individual.

Client 'M' signed up to work with me over 12 weeks. This gave us 6 sessions to:

  • Review his current lifestyle, routine, habits and behaviours

  • Implement some changes, with sessions to review and make amendments until we found the key changes that made a positive difference

  • Time to embed the changes and create some momentum.

During the 6 sessions, we talked through every element of his lifestyle. His work, his hobbies, how he took time out, his rest and sleep patterns, his nutrition, activity levels, and the people he surrounded himself with. We also talked about what was important to him in life, things he was passionate about, his values, his sense of purpose and how he felt he was meeting these needs in his life.

By talking openly about different areas of his life, Client 'M' was able to identify areas of frustration or areas where he felt more stressed, anxious, or experienced a regular lower mood. We highlighted these areas as a priority to focus on, then identified what was working that he wanted more of, then spent time looking at alternatives to the things that were not working.

A simple, yet powerful process.

Using a variety of coaching techniques I helped Client 'M' explore the challenges from different perspectives, walk around the problems and see what else could be possible. Coaching gave him space and time to really think things through, paired with coaching guidance and support to be able to consider and try something different.

Halfway through the plan, it was already clear that Client 'M' was seeing signs of improvement in how he felt and how he was managing his anxious feelings. He reported feeling better in himself and described feeling 'lighter' rather than the heavy, dark feeling he had felt before we started working together.

He found that he was managing his feelings better, he was responding to situations with other people in a more positive way, and was more enthusiastic and motivated about day to day activities. He was finding that he had more energy, was sleeping better and that he had felt more sociable and more confident.

We used the latter coaching sessions to build on what was working. Small changes to build on what was now in place. He made the changes at a pace that was comfortable to him and he had full control over every decision, with my support and guidance to help him make it happen.

Over the 12 weeks Client 'M' made a number of small, yet significant changes. These started to make a difference in his mood and how he felt physically and mentally. As time went on he was able to make bigger changes and start to bring back into his life, the things that he had missed out on when the feelings of depression and anxiety had taken hold.

Client 'M' still has depression and anxiety, the diagnosis has not changed, the difference now is that he has the tools and lifestyle that put him in the best possible position to help him manage the effects. The medication supports this, however, he knows that the two courses of action go hand in hand to enable him to live the life he wants to.

If this situation sounds familiar and you would like to consider coaching support, I would love to have a chat and see how coaching support might help.

You can book a clarity call here and we can start the conversation.

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