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Who works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'D'

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client D'.

Client 'D' is in her twenties. She has a good job and is happy with life. She had a challenging start in life and has proven herself to be strong, independent and capable, time and time again.

Every challenge faced she has overcome.

She has far exceeded what she had ever dreamt was possible and more than she was ever told she could.

Client 'D' does not have a support network she can go to for advice. She has relied on herself to be her own cheerleader and decision-maker and her friends for support.

Client 'D' first came to me as she wanted an objective person to talk things through with. To challenge her way of thinking and to to help her see what more she could squeeze from life.

She was happy, however, she wanted to examine the possibilities of what else could be possible.

Client 'D' signed up for the 12 Week Support package. This gave us 6 sessions to work through where she was now, who she was and reflect on all she had achieved. We spent time looking at her values and needs, how they were being met and where there were gaps.

We also looked at her purpose, her reason for being, and how her life currently reflected what was important and what else she could explore to bring her life more in alignment with what was important to her.

Halfway through the programme, she applied for a new role. She had identified that her work was not meeting her needs and that she was ready for new opportunities and new learning.

Before the end of the 12 weeks together she had been offered a new role, a new challenge and the type of work that was more suited to her

Before the end of the 12 weeks together she had been offered a new role, a new challenge and the type of work that was more suited to rher.ceeded everyone else's expectations of what she 'should' be capable of she hadn't reached what she felt was her full potential and she was ready, with support, to step it up a gear.

When the 12 weeks were complete Client 'D' decided to sign up for a pot of 12hours of coaching support, to use as and when needed, for guidance, support and accountability through the next year.

She had a plan, she had her goals set and so she wanted the coaching support to make it a reality.

Does Client 'D' sound like you?

If you would like to have a chat and see how coaching support might help you then I would love to speak with you.

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