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What Do You Want Your Legacy to Be?

The things a person does and achieves throughout a lifetime form a powerful legacy that others will remember about them.

This week I celebrate 5 years of self-employment and working full-time in my business.

'Phoenix' was born a couple of years prior to that, however, August 1st 2017 was when it all truly began.

One year later I published a blog about what I had learned in that first year. (You can read it here) As I sit here now reading back through it, I can recall so many of those moments and emotions experienced in that first year.

5 years on, so many things remain the same, and yet so many things have changed. The business continues to grow, I continue to evolve and the legacy continues to build.

Self-employment is relentless.

There is always something to do, something to think about, and when you get some downtime and time away, you get that space that allows creative thinking to happen!

Self-employment doesn't have an off switch, it is more a dimmer switch! Albeit a switch that you are in control of.

Self-employment doing a job that you love, in a way that you choose - priceless

10/10 would recommend.

No regrets.

I am aware that as I type this, it goes against the grain of the balance that I so often talk about. However, balance is different for all of us and the key to a successful balance is finding the balance that works for you.

A lot of the work that I do energises me, it is fulfilling and rewarding and fully aligns with my values. It makes it easy for me to show up to, and want to do. It also makes it easy for me to tip that balance and for this positive to become negative.

Things I keep in check to keep the balance:

  • I know that for me to be at my best as a coach I need to prioritise looking after myself. Rest, sleep, exercise, nutrition and hydration are all important if the people that I work with are going to get the best version of me.

  • I am an introvert so I recognise that downtime and 'people free' time is important to help me recharge my battery.

  • I set and hold boundaries around my time and energy.

  • I ensure that the opportunities that I take are in alignment with my values and the direction I want to take.

  • I do my best to chunk down the tasks I enjoy less and 'sneak them in' over the course of the week so that they are done and out of the way.

  • I use a Coaching Supervisor, peer Coach and Accountability Partner to check in with on a regular basis to help stay on track.

If I want to leave the legacy that I intend to, then these things need to be a priority.

What is the legacy you want to leave?

In the '1 year blog' mentioned early I talked about my measures of success over that first year.

  • Build a community of support

  • Help people be the best version of themselves – mentally, physically, emotionally.

  • Pay the bills

These three remain the same. The way that I am intentionally delivering on them has certainly evolved.

Life is not just about the legacy that you live, it is how you choose to live and show up in the world each and every day.

As you build your legacy you are living it.

How are you showing up to make it happen?

The legacy and measure of success for me remain the same.

How I am choosing to live and show up in the world each day is evolving.

  • Intentional

  • Purposeful

  • Meaningful

What do you want your legacy to be, and how are you showing up in the world to live it?


If this blog post has got you thinking about your life and the direction it is heading in, then why not book in a clarity call and we can talk it though?

What could you achieve with coaching support?

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