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'Strength to Evolve'

Updated: May 21, 2020

There is often a common theme with people who I speak with.

They feel stuck and they feel frustrated.

They know they want to move forward from where their life is at the moment and yet they don’t know how. Every time they take a couple of steps forward they end up taking more steps back.

Back to where they are, back to where they have been for some time.

They know that they aren’t trying to achieve the impossible. They have seen other people achieve it.

They have read the blogs, watched the videos, listened to the podcasts and yet still find themselves going around and around on the rollercoaster when all they really want is to be on an A-B direct route, express train.

Evolution of self takes strength. Mental, sometimes physical, and often emotional strength.

As humans, we are designed to stay in our safe and comfortable zone. Self-preservation is powerful and so at the first sign of perceived fear, we will retreat back to what we know, even if the comfort zone is no longer very comfortable.

Fulfilment and happiness are often found as we evolve and grow. Growth and Variety are considered two of our basic human needs, so if we don’t ‘feel’ like we are evolving then we can feel incredibly resentful and frustrated. Often with ourselves.

We are frequently motivated to get started when something happens that increases our frustration of the situation that we are in. Frustration leads to motivation and we create a plan of attack, often fuelled by emotions and with a sense of urgency.

It’s like standing on the platform waiting for the express train. We don’t really know which train we need. We just want to get on the first train that gets us out of where we are now and moving forward.

Evolving into the person we want to be takes a little more planning and an emotional state that supports creating a sustainable plan that is going to get us to where we want to get to, and not just on a fast train to nowhere (somewhere).

Taking that first step can often feel like we are stepping into the unknown. It is why it is often described as the hardest step to take. We can be focused on what we are leaving behind rather than focusing on what we are working towards.

Knowing where we are heading, and what we want is, in my opinion, a key to successfully being able to move forward. When you can focus on what you are moving towards and start to see and feel yourself evolving it is a powerful motivator.

Working out what you want, why this is important and visualising your future desired state is so important, and often left out at the planning stage. When you determine where your one-way ticket is taking you, then you can really picture this in your mind so that you can recognise the signs of progress on the journey.

Any focus on what you are leaving behind should be concentrated on leaving behind everything that is no longer useful to you. Leave it all on the platform, you do not need to take it with you.

As you begin to move forward, what started off feeling uncomfortable begins to feel more comfortable and more familiar. Get comfortable with the feeling of being uncomfortable and it will help you to keep moving forward.

As you progress you will begin to notice the small signs of change. The early indicators that you are evolving into the person you have set out to become.

Give yourself permission to ‘fail’ along the way. Failing is an opportunity to learn, to re-evaluate and to grow. Most decisions are not permanent, you can reassess and make new decisions, you can even change the end goal if you choose to.

As you evolve you will add more skills, tools, knowledge and experience to your ever-growing toolbox of internal resources. You will become more resilient and your mental, physical and emotional self will grow from strength to strength.

Determine where you are now, where you want to go, and how best to get there.

You already have the power within you. Give yourself permission to use it.


If you are stuck and frustrated and would like to talk this through, then you can book a free, no-obligation clarity call here, and we can listen and offer support.

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