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I Am Stronger Than ...

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Say it with your chest and say it loud!⁣

I AM stronger than my experience.⁣⁣
I WILL rise from this a more powerful version of me.⁣
I CAN move on from this experience and live a life I choose.⁣

Start telling yourself this.

Start believing this is your truth.

Believe that this is possible, that everything that you learn from this, everything you learn about yourself in all of this will all become part of what makes the future you strong and resilient. ⁣

It may not feel like it at the moment. You may feel stuck, frustrated, powerless. These feelings will pass. ⁣

Start with the things that you can control.⁣

Everything that has helped you survive is everything that you need to help you thrive. ⁣

You have everything within you to make this happen. You have the power to rise.⁣


If you would like to book in a call to see how coaching can support you to rise we would love to speak with you - Book a call here

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