Blue Monday  #FakeNews

Today is known as ‘Blue Monday’.

According to some, it is the most depressing day of the year, to others, it is nonsensical, that there is no evidence base to support the claim and that it was originally created as part of a marketing strategy.

Many companies across the country will use ‘Blue Monday’ for their advertising and marketing. No doubt a local news channel will interview some people out in the street and ask them how down or 'blue' they are feeling.

In reality, for most of us, it will just be a standard Monday morning.

We may wake to feel a little down but it is unlikely to be anything to do with the date.

How did you feel *before* you were told today was a day to feel blue?

We can choose our mood and emotion.

We can choose which mood we take into the day.

We can think of things we are grateful for, choose our priorities for the day, put on some happy tunes and decide we are going to make the best out of what the day brings and seek out the positives.

We could alternatively look for all the things that will confirm why it is ‘Blue Monday’.

This is called Confirmation Bias. We look for all the things that will confirm what we are thinking.

This can be positive or negative.

Which will you choose?

Will you choose all the negative activity that supports the claims of ‘Blue Monday’?


Will you be looking for a positive activity to support that it is nonsensical?

I challenge you to find 10 positive activities/things/thoughts today!

– If you can find more than 10, let me know!

We can do this daily. Not just on a day that we are reminded to look after our wellbeing. This should be a daily focus.

There will be lots of advice out today, it is a great opportunity to bring good mental health into the public arena. Have a look at what is out there and find what works for you.

Here is my contribution to the mix of hints/tips and advice.

  • Be present. Enjoy the moment, put down your phone, engage and take in what is happening around you.

  • Where is your focus? Are you focusing on problems or solutions?

  • What do you need to do differently to achieve what your goals?

  • Who are you surrounding yourself with?

  • What small action could you take that would make the biggest improvement in your life?

As with any advice it is just that, you need to find what works best for you.


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