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Stress- How Are You Managing Yours?

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

Today I am off to do some more filming with the World Health Heroes for their You Tube Channel.

( The Channel is a mass of free content from complementary health professionals and is worth subscribing to.

Today we are filming a couple of episodes, one of them will be about stress.

I must manage my stress levels as I react physically when I allow myself to be stressed, either with eczema or an ulcerative colitis flare up. (apologies for the over share but it is important!)

This means that I have a sign, my body tells me it’s time to slow down, time to review what I am doing and how I am doing it. I wouldn’t describe myself as a worrier, I don’t suffer with anxiety and I don’t lie awake at night worrying about things so it is good that my body gives me a little nudge sometimes.

We all have a different trigger. For some people, it is changes to sleep, mood swings, change in the foods we want to eat, lethargy, anxiety are just a few examples but it is important to keep an eye on how frequently you are experiencing the ‘warning signs’.

Do you keep a track? Very few people do and so do not spot changes in their behaviour in the early stages.

So how can you keep your stress levels reduced? Here are a couple of tips that I will be sharing today:

  • Deal with the things that are within your control. Focus on what you can change and influence.

If you cannot change or control it then put it aside until circumstances change and you can.

  • Break things down into small achievable chunks. Focus on the quick wins and achieving the small tasks that contribute to the bigger goal. Focusing on large goals can feel overwhelming and demotivate so focus on one small thing at a time

  • Take time for you. Show the care for yourself that you show for others. This isn’t selfish. You can’t look after others on an empty battery. If saying yes to others is saying no to yourself then stop! If in doubt remind yourself that we put the oxygen mask on first for a reason.

  • Do something every day that helps empty the stress bucket. Keep the levels low by finding things that you enjoy and are relaxing. Build this into your everyday routine.

  • Surround yourself with positive people who will help drive you forward. Make sure you have a critical friend who will help keep you on track.

  • Mindfulness and Meditation. If you haven’t tried this already then check out the Headspace or Calm apps that will help you relax.

  • Laugh! Release the feel-good endorphins. Watch a film or stand-up comedy. Spend time with friends or family who make you laugh. Find activities that get you out with people having fun!


The ‘Phoenix Planner’ has been designed to help you plan, track and monitor all of the above.

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