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10 Top Tips to Create New Habits that Stick

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Do you struggle with making new habits stick?

#StartMonday and have fallen off the wagon by Wednesday?

Here are my 10 top tips to help you create and embed new habits so that they become your 'new normal'.

1. Identify the habit

When creating new good habits, it is important to check that you are clear on the habit you want to create and that you are committed to changing behaviours to create the new habit(s).

Give some thought to the old habits you want to leave behind, as they are no longer of use to you. Make a note of which old behaviours the new habits will be replacing, be clear on what success looks like and how you will benefit from the changes.

2. One thing at a time

Focus on changing just one habit at a time. Make this a priority and make it your focus. Once this habit is embedded and has become your ‘new normal’ then you can build on this with your next change.

3. Focus on the benefits

Focus on the positive of the change and the benefits to you once you have embedded these new habits into your day to day life. Try not to focus on past behaviours or the old ways that you are moving on from. Focus on the positive future.

4. Consistency is key

Focus on each day. Consistency is key to creating new habits. Focus on one day at a time.

Small consistent change has a higher chance of success in comparison to attempting to make a big change or several changes at once.

5. Recognise and reward success

Choose how you will recognise and reward your successes. What will success look like, what will be your key milestones and how will you reward yourself? Check that the rewards are in line with your goals.

A reward doesn't have to be big, it could be as simple as a treat on a Friday for your achievement that week.

Hmm cake, is definitely reward for success in my book.

6. 21 days to make a habit

Be prepared to invest your time and energy. It takes 21 days minimum to create a habit, other changes can take a lot longer. Focus and make it a priority for 3-4 weeks if you want to make it a success. You must commit.

7. Record it

Write it all down and put it somewhere you can see it. Write down the goal, what success will look like, milestones and rewards and then put it in a place you will see it daily or where your will power may be tested. The act of writing it down and seeing it every day can make a huge difference. Order your Phoenix planner to start recording your habits.

Setting your plan out, helps make it real. The phoenix planner helps you break it down

8. Change and create a routine

You may need to change your existing routine to accommodate and make room for your new habit. You may need to create a completely new one. Changing your routine can help

embed the change as you will be more conscious and less likely to slip into the old routine and the old habits.

9. Manage your expectations

Don’t expect to be perfect or to not make any mistakes. Manage the expectations of what is ahead of you and what it will take to create and embed the new habit. Forgive yourself in advance for mistakes you make along the way and agree that you will use these as opportunities to learn. There is no such thing as failure, you will only learn ways that do not work for you and this will give you the opportunity to try a different approach.

10. Manage the risks

Look ahead across the next 21-31 days and anticipate any days that may be more challenging. Try and find ways that you can mitigate the risks of falling back into old habits on those days. What can you do to reduce or remove the risk? Think carefully about how you will approach those days, plan A and plan B. Plan and prepare to prevent problems!


If you would like more support to create new good habits in your life then take a look at the list of ways Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coaching can fit into your life to help you.

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