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Who works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'I' - Busy, Without a Sense of Satisfaction

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client I'.

Client 'I' leads a busy life. On the whole, she is happy with life. A happy healthy family and a job she enjoys but she doesn't feel she is getting the most out of it.

She feels like life is passing her by and that her 'busyness' has gone too far and she is no longer enjoying everything she has committed to.

She worries that she isn't being busy with the things that are important to her and that she is starting to become overwhelmed with everything, as well as starting to resent people and situations for taking her time and energy.

In reality, she knows she has just been saying 'yes' to everything because she didn't have the confidence to say 'no'. She feels like life has been decided for her and that she is no longer in the driving seat and has no idea what direction she is going in, let alone where she wants to go.

Most of her time and energy is invested in other people. She cannot remember the last time she did something just for her, without guilt.

She is tired and overwhelmed but has been keeping going for some time, she worries that if she stops to think about things too much she won't be able to handle how she really feels.

Her busyness is a distraction. She is missing a sense of purpose and direction.

She feels like she needs to re-set life. Evaluate what is important and manage out what isn't working. She just doesn't know where to start.

Client 'I' joined the Thrive programme. Over the weeks she took time to reflect and evaluate what was working well that she wanted more of and what wasn't working that she wanted to change.

Each week she made a small change and as the weeks went by she started to feel some direction and momentum.

In the Coaching sessions, we spent time going deeper into the changes she wanted to make and talked through the areas that she wanted more support and guidance in.

'Client I' continues the momentum post-Thrive. Life is more balanced, she says 'yes' to the things that she wants to do and has the confidence and tools to say no when she needs to. The decisions that she makes are intentional and with purpose. She is able to spend quality time being present with her family and she has made some adjustments in work to help her feel more fulfilled.

She no longer feels overwhelmed and tired. Her mental and physical energy goes into the things that she is emotionally invested in. She no longer uses 'busyness' as a badge of honour, she is productive and purposeful with her time.

She has re-set life.

If this situation sounds familiar and you would like to consider coaching support, I would love to have a chat and see how coaching support might help.

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