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Who works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'G'- Working through a big change in lifestyle.

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client G'.

Client 'G' came to Phoenix Coaching looking for support to transition from employment to self-employment. Whilst she had been building her business alongside her day job she was ready to take the step and leave her day job to focus on her business full time.

Client 'G' wasn't looking for business coaching, although wanted someone who understood the challenges, she was looking for coaching support to help with her confidence, remove any beliefs that were holding her back and to help with the time management element of finding balance when running a business.

During the 12 weeks we worked together we covered all of the above. We started by defining the challenges that she was expecting, and areas that were causing her concern. We looked at the specifics of these areas and determined which were real (facts), and how she could reduce or remove them and which were more mindset related (feelings) that we could focus attention towards.

We also spent time discussing what was important to her. What did she want from her business, what did success look like how did she want the future to be? We then spent time looking at what she needed to do to achieve this. What resources she had, both internal and external to make them happen.

We also looked at her strengths and her USP, her passion, her purpose, the reason why clients should come to her. what made her special.

Each session gave her time to reflect, to review, to think about what was important and make plans to progress and build on what she already had. To pay attention to how she felt about certain decisions and build her trust in her own decision making, experience and level of expertise.

Client 'G' wanted to grow and evolve personally along with her business. She wanted a smooth transition to change from employee to business owner and support and accountability throughout the change.

Working with Client 'G' through the transition period gave her the support she needed, removing blockers and releasing her full potential along the way.

Whilst the challenge was a work-related change the areas we worked through are similar to anyone working through a period of change. What was the current situation 'As-Is', where did she want to get to?

If you are also working through a period of change and would like to consider coaching support and accountability, I would like to have a chat and see how coaching support might help you.

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