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Who works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'E' Looking to 'reboot' life after a breakdown

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client E'.

Client 'E' came to me after a period of depression. Unhappy in work and in his personal life he was keen to 'reboot' and make some significant changes to move forward and find some happiness in his life.

We spent the first session talking through what life was like for him now, and how it had been in the time preceding his breakdown. We talked through how he spent his time, how he spent his days and how he looked after himself.

We talked through what he felt had contributed to the breakdown. Both the things that he had stopped doing, as well as the things he had started to do.

We also talked through what he missed from that time that he wanted to continue, and what he felt was no longer helpful or useful to him that he wanted to leave behind and in the past.

During the time working together, we also spent time talking about what he wanted from life and how he felt he could achieve it. What he felt was possible and where he felt there could be alternatives.

We talked about the habits and behaviours that he had, which ones he was consistent with that helped his mental health and which ones he felt he wanted to change.

We talked about the things that he was passionate about, what he wanted to achieve in life, where he felt most fulfilled or felt a sense of purpose.

Over the course of his Personal Coaching Plan we broke down his current routine and habits, his 'normal' and over the weeks and sessions, we started to put in place a 'new normal', and create the future that he wanted.

As he began to take these steps forward we focused on his mindset, his beliefs and his coping strategies to help him on day to day basis.

Client 'E' made a number of decisions and changes in quite a short period of time. He said that he felt that they were changes that he had been wanting to make for a long time but had never seemed to be able to make them happen.

Coaching had given him the space to think through what he really wanted, and why, as well as the guidance, support and accountability to make it happen.

Does Client 'E' sound like you?

If you would like to have a chat and see how coaching support might help you then I would love to speak with you.

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