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Can You See all the Fruit in the Fruit Bowl?

Have you looked at it from all perspectives?

Can you see all the fruit in the fruit bowl?

Imagine sitting, with others, at a long table. In the middle sits a large bowl with a variety of fruit.

What can you see from where you are sitting? You could describe the fruit in the bowl to the others in great detail. This is your perspective. Your version of the truth.

This is what you can see.

Now, you could get up from the table, accept what you have seen, how you have seen it and make an assumption that you have seen all that there is to be seen.

Alternatively, you could give everyone at the table the opportunity to describe what they can see. You can share your perspective too.

If you do this, you don't just leave the table with your own perspective. You have gained from the perspective of others, you might not have seen it for yourself, however, you can learn from it and help use the information to add to your own viewpoint.

You can apply this to a variety of situations. This metaphor came up in a leadership conversation. When we invite everyone around the table to share their perspective and their viewpoint we can use this information as a leader to help inform the decisions that we make.

It also ensures that everyone around the table is heard. Their perspective, their viewpoint, their experiences, their learning.

"The way that we see things may not be as they are"

Can you see all the fruit in the fruit bowl? How can you be sure?


Could coaching help you learn to see life from different perspectives?

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