Nutrition 7 Day Challenge to Change

Nutrition 7 Day Challenge to Change


This 7 Day 'Challenge to Change' Email Series will focus on Nutrition and your Relationship with Food


Educate - Motivate - Support 


Over the 7 days you will cover the following subjects:

Day 1 - Is there a Healthy Way to Diet?

Day 2 - From Mindless to Mindful Eating

Day 3 - Plan, Prepare, Persevere

Day 4 - What are Macro/Micro Nutrients? 

Day 5 - Mindfulness and Emotional Eating

Day 6 - Time to be Honest.  How do you meet your Psychological Needs with Food?

Day 7 - Reflect & Review 


Each email will provide information, reflection and ACTion.

PDFs and worksheets are provided.

It is estimated that this will be 7 hours investment of your time.


Emails will commence 24hrs after purchase. 


If you are looking for more interactive nutrition coaching support then take a look at the Webinars or Thrive Programme. 


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