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Who Works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'P' - From lost and anxious to happy and fulfilled.

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client P'.

Life Coaching Case Study -  Phoenix Life and Wellbeing Coaching

Client 'P' came to me because she was feeling a little lost about where she was going with life. She had roles as a wife and mother however sensed a loss of purpose and direction when not in those roles. She was also experiencing an increased frequency of anxious feelings and low mood which was impacting her confidence and esteem.

Client 'P' signed up for the 12-week plan. She wanted to spend some time focusing on purpose and direction and then make some changes to get momentum going with my support and guidance.

Initially, Client 'P' was interested in the THRIVE Programme and whilst a number of the topics were of interest to her, and included ones she wanted to explore she did not want to do this as a programme with others. We talked through the topics that were relevant to her and agreed that we would cover these during our time together.

Client 'P' worked through the activity sheets between our sessions and we used the coaching time to explore these in more detail and help her to gain clarity on the changes she wanted to make.

We spent time talking about her values and needs. Not just what they are, importantly where these were not being met, and where they were in conflict. We worked on her 'ikigai' to help her gain a sense of purpose and to explore how she wanted to align her future with her values, needs and purpose. Client 'P' went from feeling lost to feelings of excitement about what the future could hold.

With each coaching session Client 'P' spent time exploring what she wanted to change and what small changes, she could start to make to move her closer to the life she wanted. As time went on we would reflect and review how these changes were going and how she wanted to build on them.

Over the 12 weeks, Client 'P' shared how she was feeling happier and that seeing results of the small changes were helping her feel more confident to keep the momentum going.

In addition to working on herself, we also talked through some coping strategies to help her manage anxious feelings. Simple strategies that she could put into place straight away.

At the end of the plan, we reviewed her progress over our time together. We agreed that she had the tools and resources to continue the momentum alone. We have checked in on a regular basis since she completed the coaching and she is continuing her progress.

She is happier and more fulfilled, manages her anxious feelings and has what she describes as 'the normal levels of low mood that everyone gets'.

If this situation sounds familiar and you would like to consider coaching support, I would love to have a chat and see how coaching support might help.

You can book a clarity call here and we can start the conversation.

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