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Who Works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'K' - The Supporter who wanted Support.

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client K'.

Client 'K' is a mother, grandmother and all things to all people, pretty much all of the time.

She loves being the centre of the family, the person people come to for help, support and advice. She loves that she is able to problem solve, and provide comfort and be the love, support and guidance that her family needs when they need it.

Client 'K' is also active in her community, she is a charity volunteer, she visits people who are housebound or isolated, she drops in to check on those who live in the street who don't have a support network and she is on a number of committees and organisations playing her part in 'giving back'.

Client 'K' is a lot of thing to a lot of people, she doesn't want to change who she is or what she does, however, she does want somebody that she can go to, someone to talk to, that can be a support for her. Someone she can talk things through with, space where she can offload how she feels, and work it all through.

That was why 'Client' K got in touch.

Once a month we check-in, we talk through how things are going, how she is managing her time for others and still finding the time to look after herself and do things that are important for her (guilt-free!).

Sometimes we talk through her priorities, how she is managing the boundaries and keeping things in balance. Sometimes we talk through things that she feels strongly about that she doesn't feel she can talk through with anyone in her circle.

Once a month we talk things through, and 'empty the stress bucket'. We talk through the things that are troubling or worrying her so that she has clarity in how she thinks and feels allowing her to free up the headspace.

Once a month is enough. A safe space for her to reset the balance and get the support that she needs so that she can be the supporter to those who need her.

If this situation sounds familiar and you would like to consider coaching support, I would love to have a chat and see how coaching support might help.

You can book a clarity call here and we can start the conversation.

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