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Who Works with Phoenix Coaching? Meet Client 'J' - Living a life all out of 'sync'

Who comes to Phoenix for Coaching?

Let me introduce you to 'Client J'.

Client 'J' is a professional female in her mid-thirties, she has a good job, long term partner, a range of hobbies and is physically fit and healthy.

On our initial call, she described to me that on paper, 'everything was 'great' but things just weren't clicking into place for her. There was a general sense of frustration that things didn't 'feel' as they should, or as she wanted, and she was not able to work out why.

Client 'J' had been diagnosed with depression, and medication had this mainly under control, however, a recent period of feeling particularly low and not being able to pick herself back up, had persuaded her to arrange the call.

Client 'J' wanted support to find long term solutions, not a quick fix, and something that she could put in place so that she eventually could reduce her medication, with her G.P. support.

During the initial call we spent some time talking through what life was like now, and whilst she didn't know exactly what she was working towards, she knew that she wanted to take a holistic approach to look at different areas of life and make some changes to feel less stuck and frustrated, and more fulfilled and happy.

At the end of the initial call, we agreed that she would take some time to think about the different options and how much time and energy she wanted to invest in working on herself. She wasn't sure that a Coach was a good next step to helping her and wanted to take her time to think about what would be best for her.

Client 'J' initially decided that she did not want to pursue Coaching, and we agreed that she could make contact with me if her feelings changed. I sent her some links to a couple of videos and blogs that I thought would help and we left the conversation there.

A couple of months later, a few weeks into the first UK lockdown as a result of COVID19, Client 'J' got back in touch. The lockdown changes and restrictions had created a significant impact and her feelings of frustration and a general sense of unhappiness had increased, resulting in another depressive episode.

Client 'J' knew that this could not continue and that she was not going to be able to improve things without support.

'Client J' worked with me for a period of months. We combined Coaching Sessions with the 12-week 'THRIVE' group programme so that she had regular and consistent support. THRIVE helped her to work through a number of areas in life. It helped her to understand some of her internal dialogue, her beliefs, her mindset as well as giving her tools and strategies to help her look after her physical and emotional self.

Over the 3 months working together, Client 'J' was able to really focus on 'who' she wanted to be, 'how' she wanted life to be, and 'what' in life was important to her. Through the content covered in the programme and the time we spent together on Coaching sessions, she was able to really understand what she wanted to change.

So many areas of her life were out of alignment with what was important to her. This is why they looked so good on paper. They were the things that many people strive to have. They just weren't things that were aligned with her values or purpose and so they didn't bring the same level of fulfilment and happiness that they might bring to someone else.

This gave her the specific areas she wanted to work on, and during the 12 weeks together she had already started to make small changes that had made quite a significant impact. Client 'J wanted to continue with the coaching support to really embed the changes and make them work for her as well as to continue regular coaching sessions, in particular, whilst the COVID19 restrictions are in place.

The great news is, that Client 'J' continues to make progress. The small changes are now consistent daily habits, and she has even made some much bigger changes now that she knows what she wants, and has the confidence to step outside of her comfort zone and in her words 'just go for it'.

Client 'J' has been coping well in the more recent lockdowns. She understands now what she needs to prioritise and what she needs to do to look after her mental, physical and emotional health. She isn't just coping with another lockdown and surviving, she is actually using the changes to her advantage to tick off more things from the ever-growing list of things that she wants to achieve!

If this situation sounds familiar and you would like to consider coaching support, I would love to have a chat and see how coaching support might help.

You can book a clarity call here and we can start the conversation.

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