The Phoenix app - The 'sat-nav' for Your Life, Health and Wellbeing

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The 'Phoenix app' is the 'Sat Nav' for your life, health and wellbeing. ⁣

The app brings together proven coaching tools and strategies to help you plan, organise and schedule activities to stay on track, as well as tracking your physical and mental wellbeing, all in one place.⁣

Daily use of the Phoenix Journal app will help you:⁣

  • Increase Positive Mindset⁣

  • Improve Time Management⁣

  • Decrease overwhelm⁣

  • Decrease stress/anxiety⁣

  • Improve Self-care⁣

  • Improve wellbeing ⁣

  • Increase Self-focus⁣

Free to Download - Search 'Phoenix Journal' in your app store.

Use code; COVID19 for FREE access during lockdown.

To find out more about the app, to see the A5 Wirebound paper version or to simply find out more about Phoenix Coaching Products and Services - CLICK HERE

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