Netwalk & Talk

Updated: Dec 28, 2020

The walks and talks are a great way to bring everyone together, both in-person and online.⁣

Building a community of support has always been part of the Phoenix Coaching ethos and this is a great opportunity to come and meet new people.⁣

Relaxed and informal, not a coaching session or formal networking it is simply a way to come and talk with me and others who are part of the community.⁣

You do not need to be a client or have any intention to become a client – everyone is welcome, the events are all-inclusive and suitable for you to bring children to – and FREE! ⁣

Local walks around Bristol have included ‘Treasure Trails’ and ‘Murder Mystery Tours’ and for those looking for more of a challenge, we have walked up ‘Pen Y Fan’ in Wales. ⁣

Online events have included informal chats, some fun games and easy fun quizzes. ⁣

Keep your eye out for events where you can come and connect with the Phoenix Community.




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