Bounce Back or Bounce Forward?

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Resilience is being able to positively function in the face of adversity, it is our psychological resilience, our spirit and flexibility to adapt to situations as they arise.

It is protecting yourself from the negative effects of the things that create ‘stress’.

Many definitions describe it as our ability to cope in a crisis and our return to pre-crisis status.

The latter part of this definition I feel in dispute with.

Can you return to pre-crisis status?

Can you bounce back to who you were before?

Or do you use the bounce to launch you forward?

In my own experience, when you experience adversity, you grow, you evolve, you find new strengths, new skills, traits and strategies which means that returning to who you were before is not possible.

Even if you were to experience the same situation it would be a new you, with new skills, tools and resources to manage and approach the situation in a different way.

Do you think you can you go back to the ‘old-me’?


Do you focus your energy on moving forward?

Rising like a Phoenix stronger and more powerful.

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