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3 Top Tips to Make Healthy Eating Part of your Busy Schedule

Updated: Nov 3, 2022

'Those who have no time for healthy eating will sooner or later have to find time for illness'
E. Stanley

What if I told you there are some really easy ways to change up the way you eat to make your life healthier, physically and mentally, without having to increase your shopping bill or spend all weekend in the kitchen cooking?

What if I had an answer for every reason you gave me as to why you can’t eat more healthily?

“I just have too much going on at the moment to make it a priority”

“I just don’t have time to think about it”

What if eating in a healthier way, was actually enjoyable, gave you days back lost to sickness, AND gave you more energy?

It is possible .. scouts honour!


Changing your lifestyle is about creating healthy new habits and behaviours and creating a new ‘normal’. One that works for you.

This shouldn’t be something you dread but something that you see and feel the benefits of.

This shouldn't be something that works for Mary next door or John in the office. It should be something that fits in with you, your personal commitments, and your work schedule.

  • Your values

  • Your needs

  • Your priorities

Not a plan to follow, not something that you do for a short period of time, changes that are sustainable, for life - for a better life!

Here are my 3 top tips to eat in a more healthy way (especially) when you are busy.

Plan Ahead

Look at your week ahead and ask yourself the following:

  • What does your calendar look like?

  • What food will you need and when?

  • What will you have access to? (Microwave/Kitchen etc)

  • On busier days what food will be easiest to fit into your schedule?

  • On more active days how will you make sure you have enough food with you to keep you going?

  • On days you have lots of meetings or appointments what food can you eat in between, while on the move?

  • Spending time travelling, what food can you take to eat when you stop?

Use what you know from your calendar to plan ahead for the week. Plan in your meals and your snacks that you know will work alongside your schedule.

Once you have your meals and snacks planned out you can then write out your shopping list.

Save time and money and the stress of trying to find something while you are rushing around.

Prepare when you can

What days or evenings are you going to be home to prepare fresh food?

On these days, make an extra one or two portions that you can freeze for the days when you won't have time.

Fast food is faster when it comes out of your freezer rather than Deliveroo! It is also healthier and saves you financially.

You don't have to spend all weekend cooking and filling Tupperware containers. Just make a little extra when you are cooking and pop the portions in the fridge or freezer. Lots of healthy meals are easy to cook in bulk.

Determine what you need and when

Food is essentially fuel, so don't fill the tank if you aren't going very far.

If you are going the distance make sure you have enough of 'the right' fuel to keep you going all the way!

What amount of food do you need each day?

On busier, more active days make sure you have more food with you ready to go.

On days when you are sitting at the desk or in meetings, or driving and not moving about as much, make sure you have smaller, lighter meals to keep you going.


Start with these 3 'Top Tips' and see what a difference it can make to you physically, mentally and financially!

Keep it simple and keep it consistent.


How can Phoenix Help you?

If you are looking for more support and accountability then why not book a complimentary, no-obligation conversation and let's see how coaching can support you?

Helping you thrive and confidently live the life YOU choose.


Published: November 2018

Revised & Republished: March 2019, May 2020, May 2021

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