The Line in the Sand.

Updated: Mar 8, 2020

A guest post by Nick Elston.

This is where it all began, for me.

Change is motivated by many things.

Maybe, you can be happily strolling through life and the need for something different — absolutely blindsides you and in that moment, your world has changed.

Because, as soon as your view changes — your world changes around you.

Or, perhaps you have suffered a horrendous life event — where the sheer fear and anger that you felt — gave you the impetus to ensure that it will never happen that way again.

When you connect emotions to change — it amplifies it’s power and resolve massively — whether that be the fear of not going back — or the love of what is to come.

My moment was this: I was tired — so tired — of living with crippling Anxiety & the remnants of childhood OCD.

I would worry, be afraid, sad, upset, angry, feel inferior and give myself away on a daily basis — and I didn’t know what to do next.

So, I decided to share my story with a Networking group that I attend — as I felt it was my last option.

On that day, I stood up - shaking and delivered my story — everything.

For once, I was completely honest, open and I felt very emotionally open.

Long story short, like the Boggle in the Cupboard — for the Harry Potter fans amongst you — once released, it felt a little bit better.

So I did it again…and again…and then took it on the road and talked all over the UK, telling my story.

By the time I got back to Bristol — the difference was amazing — the OCD elements had almost completely gone — and the Anxiety had really ‘cooled down’.

Find an opportunity to speak about your challenges, break out of your comfort zone and tell your story.

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