Phoenix Community 

The Phoenix Community is a paid online community for people looking for long term support and accountability.

The Community is open to everyone. 

Become a member as part of a coaching package or in isolation as a pay as you go package.

Whatever your goals are, the Community is in place to support you, help you stay accountable and give you practical hints, tips and advice to achieve success. 

No sign-up fee

No contract

What can I get from being a part of the Phoenix Community?

  • Online support and advice

  • Discussion Forums

  • Peer support and accountability

  • Unlimited access to digital downloads

  • Access to the Phoenix app whilst you are a member

  • Guest Experts

If you are looking for One2One support then click here

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* FREE access during COVID-19*

Looking for some additional check in support workshops - Check out our Goal Setting and Review Online Workshops.

Not what you were looking for? 

Why not take a look at our other group services or if you prefer a more focused level of support take a look at our Personal Coaching Support packages



The results speak for themselves.  Better mindset,  & better able to achieve my  goals.    The skills Zoe  can help you develop are matched equally by the tools she provides to help you get where you're going.

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